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Boob Jobs on the NHS | Are You Eligible for a Free Boob Job?

Thank you for visiting Boob Jobs On The NHS. In recent years, the media has been awash with stories on how women are getting free breast enlargement surgery (or breast reduction surgery) on the NHS in the UK. We’re here to provide the facts, and dispel any myths about whether it really is possible to get boob jobs on the NHS.

Before deciding on whether to get a boob job on the NHS, women should be aware that there are alternatives to consider before opting for a major cosmetic surgery procedure. Many women have found good success in using breast enhancement creams, which work by tightening the skin around the breasts to create a firmer, more attractive shape. There are also many breast enhancement pills on the market, though it is generally believed that these have a far lower success rate than breast enhancement creams. Of course, many people experience varying results using breast enlargement surgery alternatives, and the only way to guarantee results is to opt for a boob job.

Boob Jobs on the NHS | Are you eligible?

After certain stories hit the headlines in recent years in the UK media, a lot of women were under the impression that they could easily get boob jobs on the NHS. Of course, this became a very tempting prospect for many women, especially those who were unable to meet the expensive cost of having the procedure done privately. The most important factor to bear in mind here, is that the NHS is a national service in the UK intended for those suffering from genuine illnesses. To be accepted for boob jobs on the NHS, you will only be eligible if one or more of the following criteria are met:

  • Individuals who are becoming severely depressed due to having overly small, large or oddly formed breasts
  • Women that are suffering from severe mental health conditions
  • Breast cancer sufferers

You will not be accepted for boob jobs on the NHS, if the only reason you want the procedure is because you desire bigger breasts to improve your looks, however nice that sounds! It’s not impossible to have a boob job in the UK on the NHS, but you must have a genuine medical reason for doing so.

Boob Jobs on the NHS | The cost of a boob job at a private clinic

If you find you aren’t eligible for a boob job on the NHS, then you should consider researching the possibility of using a private clinic. If you do choose to go down this route, you should start saving as soon as possible, and build up a fund to pay for the procedure. There are many clinics in the UK who provide breast enlargement / breast reduction surgery, most of which can be found online. When searching for a clinic, do also try to find previous client reviews, as well as collecting a selection of quotes to compare potential costs.

The cost of a boob job in the UK can range from anywhere between £2500 to £10,000 or above, depending on the extent of the surgery required, and the chosen clinic. Of course, this is financially out of the reach of many women. You can understand now why, bearing in mind those costs, many women are keen to find out if they can go through the NHS!

Boob Jobs on the NHS | The next steps

If you do believe that you will be eligible for a free boob job on the NHS, then you should first discuss this with your GP or Consultant. When the process is started, the NHS will ask you to undergo a series of tests and procedures, just to confirm that you are a genuine candidate for the procedure. Waiting lists for boob jobs on the NHS can often be very lengthy, so you should start the application process as soon as possible if this is the route you wish to take.

Breast enlargement / breast reduction procedures are an extremely big event in a woman’s life, so we wish you well for the future. We hope you have found this information helpful, here at Boob Jobs on the NHS.

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